We understand that buying a vehicle is more than ownership. It’s your livelihood and your independence. Today it’s a basic need, especially in our community. That’s why we started the Auto Loan Program. This unique pilot program pairs car buying with ownership education to make sure that you are getting a good car at the right price from a reliable dealer.

Pre-qualification Requirements:

  • No collections or liens on credit report

  • Debt-to-Income less than 40%

  • Valid MN DL

  • Insured or insurable

  • Job/Employer willing to payroll deduct payments

  • Positive lending history LLFS

Qualification Requirements:

  • Enrolled in or graduated from LLFS Financial Coaching Program

  • Completed LLFS “The Right Way to Buy a Car” and “Fundamental Car Maintenance” courses.

Eligible Clients:

  • Qualify up to $15,000 loan for car based on what you can afford.

  • LLFS reviews the deal, negotiates with seller if needed.

  • Cars must come with a warranty.

  • LLFS helps with the insurance process.

  • LLFS provides loans from 6%-10% flexible interest based on credit score.

To see if you are eligible contact us.


This is a pilot program. We have given out 8 loans with financial support from the Blandin Foundation. We will review the success of this program and seek additional funding to continue to make additional loans. Please check back with us or connect with us on Facebook.