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How to Buy or Build a House

How to Buy or Build a House

Thu, July 18, 20191:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Dava Garret, a Native Home Lending Specialist from 1st Tribal Lending will be presenting on   + Minimal credit qualifications needed for the 184 Program buyer.

+ The 184 purchasing process from pre-qualification to closing

+ Buyer self-assessment. Answering questions like, are you ready to buy or build?  

Registration is free to the public and limited to first 15 people registered.  Register by emailing [email protected] 

Registration closes July 17, 2019 or when 15 people are registered- whichever occurs first

HUD Program 184 Mortgages can be used by enrolled tribal members for:

+ Buying an existing home on leased or trust lands

+ New Construction on leased or trust lands

+ Buying existing home on private/fee land

+ New Construction on private/fee land

+ Remodeling of existing homes on leased, trust, or private/fee lands in most cases.

The program will be held in the Benay Fairbanks Training Center at Leech Lake Financial Services.