Credit Builder Loan Program

Our Credit Builder Loan Program (CBLP) is a consumer loan program that is available to anyone who is employed. The loans are secured through the lender's employee leave/vacation/PTO. Your payments are made as a payroll deduction. Repayment is from 6 to 12 months.

The CBLP is designed to build a positive credit history for the borrower. Many of our CBLP borrowers struggle with access to affordable credit, so it is our objective to provide safe loans while boosting the borrower’s credit score.

The average CBLP loan is $2,000. LLFS makes over 500 CBLP loans a year to help our community and build solid credit histories for our clients.

*Applicants must attend and complete Leech Lake Financial Services' Credit Building Class to qualify for the Credit Builder Loan Program. To register call the office at 218.339.3940

To apply, click the link below, complete the application and email it to [email protected] 

Credit Builder Loan Application