J&A Concrete and Masonry, LLC Receives a Small Business Loan

Mar 10, 2020

With the 2016 concrete season in full swing, I am happy to announce that our company is doing great!  We are projected to have an increase in profit from last year.  We also have been able to keep our main apprentice in full time work for most of the summer.  This is especially important as he is our oldest son learning the trade.  J&A was also able to employ several Leech Lake T.E.R.O participants for short periods this year to assist in their transitions between full-time employment.

There have been so many neat projects that we have worked on so far, and have met some amazing people.  Our commitment to providing quality service has helped us be creative so that our customers are satisfied.  This is not always an easy process, but our contractor has managed his time and resources very well!  Every hurdle we clear has led us to a new aspect of the business.  For example, we have added three more vendors to our resources, and two more businesses that have taken us on as a main concrete/masonry contractor.  We have added a few to our loyal customers list, and our customer service development is coming along progressively.

So many new developments that all started with the help of Leech Lake Financial Services.  The star-up inventory that they were able to provide for our business was a huge factor in the success we have had so far.  LLFS program has made so much possible for this business, and as we all know, business success goes up and down from year-to-year.  We are more confident going into this endeavor knowing that we can go to them for guidance.  We are definitely excited for the upcoming projects, and hope to have that support for our future business ventures as well.

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