Fineday Uses New Skills to Make Big Improvements

Jun 15, 2020

CASS LAKE (MN) – Diane Fineday started working with Leech Lake Financial Services in December 2015. The goal was to clean up her credit history, and enlisted the help of the one-on-one credit counseling at LLFS.

“We took a hard look at my credit history and my bills, but LLFS made me feel so comfortable and I wanted to learn more and work on my ‘skills and bills’.”

She applied the lessons learned. With a little work and perseverance, Diane’s credit score increased – big time,

and seven short months later, the letter arrived! PRE- APPROVED for a home loan!

Diane was able to make her dreams come true. She’s leasing a reliable vehicle now, getting around is no longer aproblem. Diane is about to be a home owner. “I am currently in the process of learning the ins and outs of home ownership,” she says, “I’m so excited!”

Diane’s new financial skills helped her get a higher credit score. “The benefits are amazing!” Diane exclaimed. “I even have the option of upgrading to a newer vehicle – at a lower interest rate!”

Diane thanks Leech Lake Financial Services for their support and assistance in her journey, “You are truly a blessing to our people.”

LLFS is located at 213 2nd Street downtown Cass Lake. The class “Building Native Communities: Financial Skills for Families” is free to all Leech Lake Reservation Community Members. The 2 day class is taught the last Monday and Tuesday of every month. LLFS Offers 1 on 1 counseling available on an appointment basis. Sign up with Lynn Allen, CBLP Loan Officer at 218-339-3940, or [email protected]. For more information please see our website

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