Above Board: Compliance, Legal, and Financial Best Practices conference

Dec 10, 2019

Pam and Lynn were able to attend the Above Board: Compliance, Legal, and Financial Best Practices conference in Arizona thanks to the CDFI Fund. They both received full scholarships for travel and to attend the conference hosted by the Friedman Associates. Friedman Associates is a national consulting firm to CDFIs, with the leading experts dedicated to building the financial and intellectual capacity of mission driven leaders.

This event was a great experience for LLFS. We were able to learn from 21 different CDFIs from around the United Sates that are all at different experience levels. Being able to share our prospective and learn from others has only made our CDFI stronger.

We learn that we are on track and in compliance with with all the legal and financial practices for CDFI’s. We are so thankful for this conference because many of the attendees have helped since the beginning of LLFS. It was nice to be able to share our experiences and how we operate to our CDFI to help others.

Thank you again to the CDFI Fund and Friedman Associates! We can’t wait for the next event.

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