LLFS receives grant from Blandin Foundation that has helped 7 people in our community purchase safe vehicles

Apr 15, 2020

The Blandin Foundation

Leech Lake Financial Services would like to thank the Blandin Foundation for the grant award of $100,000. The grant allowed us to run a successful Pilot Program for our Auto Loan program in our community. We were able to provide 7 loans totaling approximately $94,000 to community members, so they could have safe and affordable vehicles.

Leech Lake Financial Services believes in empowering our community through education, so we offer a class called, How To Buy A Car, where Jake Bluhm from State Farm teaches the insurance portion of our Auto Program.

The funding also allows us to provide the Individual Development Account program to our community. This program is a match-saving program. Save $1000 and LLFS matches that amount as long as the savings are used for the purchase of a car, home or education.

The Blandin Foundation supports Minnesota organizations that know and serve rural communities since 1941. Its mission is to be a trusted partner and advocate to strengthen rural Minnesota communities, especially the Grand Rapids area.

Visit https://blandinfoundation.org/

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