Our client Delina White is a talented artist and owner of IamAnishaabe. She has been developing her label since 2015 and officially launched her business this year. Despite the adversity 2020 has had on small businesses, Delina has expanded her business, showcased her work in multiple successful fashion shows and was named one of the Star Tribune’s 2019 Artists of the Year.

Delina’s artistry is based on her Chippewa roots and indigenous culture and traditions, which is evident in her work. “Using natural objects for personal adornment is part of the indigenous culture and traditions. The designs and materials used in making art; songs and dances, clothing and jewelry, we show respect for the environment and beliefs instilled by our ancestors. Making beautiful jewelry and clothing is one way we honor the gifts given to us by the Creator; it is an expression of creativity of who we are as people.”

Her work is truly unique. We couldn’t be more proud of her hard work and accomplishments.

To read about her experience in working with Leech Lake Financial Services and the impact the MN DEED loan had on her business click this link to a PDF from DEED: Delina_White_DEED_Making_an_Impact_story

Visit IamAnishaabe to read about Delina White and shop her online store.



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