Leech Lake Financial Services promotes economic well-being of individuals and families by providing safe and affordable financial products and financial training. Whether you are starting a business or seeking to build a better credit history, LLFS has products designed for you.

We provide a safe space for our community to share their deepest financial concerns and ask questions in private. For the last 6 years LLFS has worked to build the trust of the community by holding to sound, ethical practices grounded in Anishinaabe values. We provide more than financial products, we actually listen to what our community’s needs.

We aren’t a hand-out, we are a hand-up!

What makes LLFS different from other financial services?

We are a non-profit corporations created under Title 8 of the Leech Lake Reservation Tribal Court Code. This is important to us because it empowers up to operate as a separate entity.

LLFS has a Board of Directors comprised of area bankers, planners, educators, lawyers and accountants. We have our own office and policies that are designed to uphold ethical practices and to meet the needs of our community.

We are a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certified by the US Treasury Department. We must meet strict financial and service requirements to maintain our certification.

With the support of private foundations, State and Federal dollars, we are able to provide financial development services (training and technical assistance) and loan products to meet the needs of our community.

Our Expert Team

We are made up of a team of dedicated individuals who serve the communities’ needs. We strive to help our community understand, grow and achieve financial strength. Click on the staff's images to learn more about them and see their contact information.